Heirloom furniture is like the seed of some great tree: from a thing quite small and overlooked may come something great. The client and maker, through the process of design, bring something new into the world. And this thing, if made well, may offer that experience to a host of inheritors, as it becomes an heirloom, and finally a piece of the family, and a marker of history from which the family descends. Though we here cannot assume what place a piece will take in the years to come, our preoccupation is with things made well, so that they'll forever be ready for their job, and to tell a story when the time comes. 

Located in Water Valley, MS, Ryan Pierce Furniture strives to create timeless wood pieces. We endeavor to source our materials both locally and sustainably. With our sawmill, we process trees that have come down naturally or necessarily, otherwise destined for the dump, and give them new purpose in furniture. This also allows us to have our hands on the lumber at every step of the way, as a piece of furniture goes from a rough idea, to a finished work. If you have a tree of your own that needs to come down, and would like to give it new life, please get in touch.