getting a dog to stay


I recently attempted a photo shoot with our lab, Hoka, and a bench we've decided to offer for sale. Since the two are both black, I thought it would be an interesting photo. I had pretty low expectations going into this, since Hoka's never sat still for even the length of time it takes to give her a treat, so I was surprised at how well she sat atop the bench. She seemed to like it even. I did have trouble getting her to look in the direction I wanted her to, and there was also Wyla, our cat, who wandered into the scene. In the end I wasn't really happy with any of the photos, but I thought I'd leave them here for posterity. 

The benches will soon be offered for sale in a webstore that will be attached to this site. We will offer a black pine version, like the one in the photo above, as well as one-off hardwood versions in whatever lumber we have laying around. We have some spalted pecan benches, as well as some done in walnut, coming soon. 

I also wanted to welcome you to the new site, and this, the new blog, that I will be hopefully keeping reasonably updated, though I have my doubts. The site was excellently designed and built by my old friend, James Kelleway, over at Confit, a local web design firm that you should look into if ever you're in need of a good website: